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The Things We Are Responsible For

As writers we have responsibilities to the communities that don’t or aren’t able to do what we do, as well as to our own writing community. This means that it is our job to speak up, share resources, and create worlds that are either diverse or worlds that highlight the injustices that must be fixed. Below is a set of my thoughts on these issues, which can also be found in the dropdown menu.

The LGBTQAI+ Community

Simply being a part of a community does not mean you do not have to be an ally. It seems silly to me that you wouldn’t be an ally for yourself, if nothing else. Adapting to the idea that I was not simply an ally was difficult for me, having grown up in a small…

Resources to Aid BLM

Below are links to several forms of action you can take.This is not comprehensive and intended to be a starting point. Generally: This page is a catch all with links to many, if not all, of the following actions. Donate: Educate: Speak Up: About ItHave Those Hard Family Convos Protest: Google Local…

Black Lives Matter

In case you didn’t get that, I’ll say it again: Black. Lives. Matter. This isn’t going to be long, but I hope that you’ll read it and check out the link at the end, because this is important. As I read through Facebook posts, Instas, and Tweets over the last few weeks, I couldn’t help…

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