So I’ve Been Better

Bless y’all for putting up with my flaky ass. It’s been months since I’ve written a thing on or for this site and for that, I apologize. The last few months of 2020 involved quite a lot of change for me, which is saying something, given the year we all had. I got a catContinue reading “So I’ve Been Better”

Syndication: Scene Three

 The tension builds as Kellan’s words sink in. Delia fashions a smirk and lets it glide into place, delighted as Jereth’s lip twitches. Before he can speak, though, she turns on her heel and hops over a puddle. She doesn’t check to see if they follow, but keeps her pace markedly slower than normal, asContinue reading “Syndication: Scene Three”

Prompt: December 7th, 2020

I survived the drought by hiding in his restaurant. “How are you not dead?” “I survived the blood drought by hiding in his restaurant.” I jerk my thumb behind me, knowing the mobster is lurking there in the doorway. My siblings’ eyes go wide, making them look even more like twins than they already do.Continue reading “Prompt: December 7th, 2020”

Another Place I Wish I Wasn’t

My mother so loves to tell me I have a flare for the dramatic. Heaven help me when she hears about this. In my defense, I didn’t plan to land myself in the middle of an underworld turf war. Nevertheless, here I am, hands splayed, trying to stop two demons from throwing hands. Well, they’dContinue reading “Another Place I Wish I Wasn’t”

Prompt: November 23rd, 2020

Prompt: Time travel, a bookmark, and the angel Gabriel. The woman sits on the edge of the water, toes grazing the surface. A large catfish nudges the digits, demanding her attention. She reaches down with the dangly end of her bookmark, the plastic string teasing the fish’s whiskers. “He’ll eat your hand if you’re notContinue reading “Prompt: November 23rd, 2020”

Prompt: November 16th, 2020

OTP/Meet-Cute Prompt: They met in primary school. They met long ago, when they were both struggling to write cleanly and read quickly. Neither remembers the other particularly well, except for the fight they had had over the bright blue marker. Shane had gotten it for her birthday, but didn’t appreciate it enough. Or at least,Continue reading “Prompt: November 16th, 2020”

Adventures We Shouldn’t Have Taken: Scene Two

“You’re an idiot.” He started speaking before my eyes were fully open, pausing in his cleaning of my wounds. “I actually fancy myself quite the genius, dear brother. Terribly rude of you to contradict me, and on my sick bed no less.” This earned me an eyeroll, accompanied by a sigh of relief he thoughtContinue reading “Adventures We Shouldn’t Have Taken: Scene Two”