Another Place I Wish I Wasn’t

My mother so loves to tell me I have a flare for the dramatic. Heaven help me when she hears about this. In my defense, I didn’t plan to land myself in the middle of an underworld turf war. Nevertheless, here I am, hands splayed, trying to stop two demons from throwing hands. Well, they’dContinue reading “Another Place I Wish I Wasn’t”


“Is anyone there?” Kaya’s voice cracks Freya’s all-consuming focus on the enormous canine under her palms and her measuring tape. She shouts back distractedly and carries on with her work. The big hell-hound huffs at Freya, his eyes exasperated as she measures him for a new harness. “Oh hush, Muffler, your old one is rubbingContinue reading “Underestimations”