Things That I Love

Pretending I hate astrology Taylor Swift Astrology & Enneagram (no, I don’t understand any of it but that’s not important) The Lumineers Anime Victoria tells me to watch (&texting her while I watch them) The Bachelor franchise My boys, goons, homies, family (chosen & otherwise) Soft, sweet, supportive, gentle love Cats Horses Writing Reading SchoolContinue reading “Things That I Love”

Echoes in My Mind

I knew I would have to leave eventually. Perhaps it didn’t seem so daunting, because I’d left seven times before. But leaving as a camper is different. Two weeks is nothing compared to ten. Still, I gathered my confidence that it wouldn’t be an issue, and buried the inevitable fact of departure deep within theContinue reading “Echoes in My Mind”

Compassion, Emotion, and Expression in The Iliad

Most of us have at least heard of The Iliad, an incredibly long poem-song-thingie that is lauded as one of the earliest and finest pieces of literature. Now, Homer didn’t exactly write The Iliad, instead he composed the epic in Iron Age Greece, we think, which was way before the Greeks had developed the alphabetContinue reading “Compassion, Emotion, and Expression in The Iliad”

Representations of Nasser and Sadat in Media

Originally submitted as coursework at UT-Austin. Media and cultural products often highlight the political and social climate of the particular time periods in which they are produced. This can be observed in the media representations of both the Nasser and Sadat periods of Egyptian history. These periods are similar on many fronts. Both Gamal AbdelContinue reading “Representations of Nasser and Sadat in Media”