As of now, my major novels are all works-in-progress. As I work to get published and am hopefully successful, I will update the page accordingly.

Political Climate

Science Fiction

Duology centering on a dystopian future reeling from the impact of climate change and the story of two women that try to save the world.

History of Objects

New Adult Fantasy

Trilogy aimed at an adult audience which follows a young professional and her gift as she comes up against many different challenges.

Archer & Trees

New Adult Fantasy

I am in the process of filtering through my early projects and beginnings of books that I wrote long ago. These two pieces jumped out at me, demanding that I reshape them. Archer is due to become a saga, while the Trees project is likely a stand-alone in the making.

Serial Conversions

New Adult Fantasy

I am in the process of reworking two of my serial works, Syndication and Adventures We Should Not Have Taken, into stand-alone novels.

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