Serial Fiction

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What is a serial?

This page is dedicated to the fiction works that are both connected and published here. I might do chapter by chapter releases of novels or scene by scene releases of connected short stories! You are welcome to make requests for stories or even suggestions!

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My Serial Fiction

Syndication: Scene Three

 The tension builds as Kellan’s words sink in. Delia fashions a smirk and lets it glide into place, delighted as Jereth’s lip twitches. Before he can speak, though, she turns on her heel and hops over a puddle. She doesn’t check to see if they follow, but keeps her pace markedly slower than normal, as…

Adventures We Shouldn’t Have Taken: Scene Two

“You’re an idiot.” He started speaking before my eyes were fully open, pausing in his cleaning of my wounds. “I actually fancy myself quite the genius, dear brother. Terribly rude of you to contradict me, and on my sick bed no less.” This earned me an eyeroll, accompanied by a sigh of relief he thought…

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