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Syndication: Scene Three

 The tension builds as Kellan’s words sink in. Delia fashions a smirk and lets it glide into place, delighted as Jereth’s lip twitches. Before he can speak, though, she turns on her heel and hops over a puddle. She doesn’t check to see if they follow, but keeps her pace markedly slower than normal, as…

Another Place I Wish I Wasn’t

My mother so loves to tell me I have a flare for the dramatic. Heaven help me when she hears about this. In my defense, I didn’t plan to land myself in the middle of an underworld turf war. Nevertheless, here I am, hands splayed, trying to stop two demons from throwing hands. Well, they’d…

Syndication: Scene Two

Delia looks over at the unconscious man beside her, heat rolling off of him in waves.

In Hell

There was something not quite right about the window, looking back on the events of that day.

Adventures We Shouldn’t Have Taken: Scene Two

“You’re an idiot.” He started speaking before my eyes were fully open, pausing in his cleaning of my wounds. “I actually fancy myself quite the genius, dear brother. Terribly rude of you to contradict me, and on my sick bed no less.” This earned me an eyeroll, accompanied by a sigh of relief he thought…

Burning History

The light crossing her face is soft orange and unsteady.


So I’ve never done this before and I won’t lie, it scares me. However, given the lot the universe has handed me, I think this challenge is what I need. For those of you who don’t know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It’s an event throughout the month of November in which writers…

Syndication: Scene One

The limp form is slumped just a meter or two from Delia’s feet, close enough to note the slow spread of a stain across the figure’s chest. “Are you alive? Please groan if you’re alive.” Her voice is barely more than a whisper and she goes to chastise herself when a low gurgle meets her…

My Own Couch

“Harlow, your apartment looks like shit.” Lynn strides past me and hopping over my pile of dirty laundry. “Had I known I was going to have a guest at four in the morning, I would’ve tidied up a bit.” I bolt the door as she settles down on the sofa, clearly not planning to leave…

Days Gone By

The city seems to have risen long before her, with cars honking and people shouting already. Groaning, Penn rolls over, refusing to confront the reality of her life just yet. It’s been almost three years since the day she wasn’t supposed to wake up, two and half since she got her new life put together,…


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