Prompt: December 7th, 2020

I survived the drought by hiding in his restaurant. “How are you not dead?” “I survived the blood drought by hiding in his restaurant.” I jerk my thumb behind me, knowing the mobster is lurking there in the doorway. My siblings’ eyes go wide, making them look even more like twins than they already do.Continue reading “Prompt: December 7th, 2020”

Prompt: November 23rd, 2020

Prompt: Time travel, a bookmark, and the angel Gabriel. The woman sits on the edge of the water, toes grazing the surface. A large catfish nudges the digits, demanding her attention. She reaches down with the dangly end of her bookmark, the plastic string teasing the fish’s whiskers. “He’ll eat your hand if you’re notContinue reading “Prompt: November 23rd, 2020”

Prompt: November 16th, 2020

OTP/Meet-Cute Prompt: They met in primary school. They met long ago, when they were both struggling to write cleanly and read quickly. Neither remembers the other particularly well, except for the fight they had had over the bright blue marker. Shane had gotten it for her birthday, but didn’t appreciate it enough. Or at least,Continue reading “Prompt: November 16th, 2020”

Prompt: August 25th, 2020

You check the time. Perfect. As intended, you’ve arrived fashionably late. The whispers greet my ears as I stroll into the lecture hall. I’d timed it perfectly, making the perfect statement. If they were going to force me to be here, I’d be fashionably late to every class. As I strode down the stairs toContinue reading “Prompt: August 25th, 2020”

Prompt: August 21st, 2020

That woman, that being of flawed wisdom. “That woman, that being of completely flawed wisdom.” Her father is mumbling to himself, rifling through the papers her grandmother had organized just that morning. “Am I of flawed wisdom, dear child, or are you simply inept at figuring out something that is organized properly?” The proud womanContinue reading “Prompt: August 21st, 2020”

Prompt: August 18th, 2020

Jordan will be the source of all my pain and the love of my life. “Jordan will be the source of pain for you!” My mother’s eyes are even more frantic than her voice, flowing through the phone. I knew I should’ve started with my father, but when she answered the phone, my plans justContinue reading “Prompt: August 18th, 2020”

Prompt: August 1st, 2020

“It’s too warm.” “It’s too warm.” Nana looks over at me, her worn and tattooed hand hovering above the pie. “But I want to eat some now.” I don’t mean for them to, but the words wiggle out as a whine, making me sound like the whimpering child she taught this recipe to twenty yearsContinue reading “Prompt: August 1st, 2020”

Prompt: July 4th, 2020

“You’re remarkably well-behaved this evening.” “You’re remarkably well-behaved this evening.” The voice slithers from the darkness, coiling around the prisoners neck and sending chills down his spine. “Could be the new manacles? Or the new guard? Or maybe I know how I’m going to die and it’s not here?” The quips are supposed to beContinue reading “Prompt: July 4th, 2020”