Prompt: November 30th, 2020

Set your story in Gothic Manor.

“What do you mean? You want me to go in there?” Beckett turns, looking at her brother’s anxious face as the words spill from his lips.

“Oh, buck up, it’s just the old Mason Street house. The Hyedale’s have lived there for years.”

“That’s so reassuring, seeing as Mickey Hyedale lit Benny June on fire last month.” Jamison’s face is set, glaring at Beckett as she walks up the steps.

“Suit yourself, but Granna Hyedale makes the best pancakes. Plus Joey’s in there.” Her brother perks up at the name of his boyhood crush. Beckett snorts, hearing his footsteps as he launches himself onto the porch. She rings the doorbell, rolling her eyes.

Published by K. E. Diller

Young adult attempting to do a million things at once, including write books and follow my dreams.

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