Black Lives Matter

In case you didn’t get that, I’ll say it again: Black. Lives. Matter. This isn’t going to be long, but I hope that you’ll read it and check out the link at the end, because this is important.

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As I read through Facebook posts, Instas, and Tweets over the last few weeks, I couldn’t help but notice that my favorite authors were silent. Like, radio silent. With the notable exception of those that are Black and supposedly have a personal stake in the matter, authors often choose silence. They choose to be complicit, because it’s easier for them. It’s also a form of racism and violence.

As writers, it is our responsibility to not only incorporate diverse characters but uplift diverse writers and use our platforms to speak out, no matter how small or large that platform is. It is our responsibility to make space for authors that struggle to gain a foothold.

It is also our responsibility to know where the line is in promoting diversity. What I mean is, we must know whether what we are doing is actually helpful or if we’ve crossed a line. For me, that means not assuming that I know enough to write main characters that are Black. It means knowing when to educate myself on an issue or on developing a Black character.

Finally, as writers, it is our responsibility to be READING and SPEAKING. Read anti-racist literature. Read anti-police literature. Read Black authors. PROMOTE BLACK AUTHORS. Make your friends, family, and readers do the same.

This is not comprehensive, rather it is intended as a statement for this website and myself as an author. There are many things I am doing and should be doing, as well as things you might be or should be doing. It is our responsibility to figure those things out and do them.

The Resources Page of this website includes several posts with links to a number of related sites and sources for educating yourself and aiding the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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